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Do the 2G series PDUs fit into the NetShelter VX cabinets?

Some of the newer rPDUs like the 2G are longer and may not fit into the older cabinet designs like the VX.

Product Line:
NetShelter VX

All versions and serial ranges.

Customers need to know that the rPDU they are purchasing will fit into their NetShelter VX cabinet.

Please use Knowledge Base document FA158651 to find compatibility between all rPDUs and cabinets.
The Knowledge base is available from the FAQ page of the APC website: https://www.apc.com/us/en/faqs/index?page=content&id=FA158651

  • FA158651 contains a document which shows all current NetShelter cabinets and the products that can be installed into them.
  • Open the file and scan down until you reach the PDU section. Find the PDU in question.
  • Then, scan to the right until you reach the correct NetShelter cabinet. If the two are compatible there will be a checkmark.

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