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Where can agency approval information or documents for APC products be found?

Agency approval and/or documentation is requested.

Product Line:
All ITB Products

All versions and serial ranges.

Agency approval information is required by the customer.

Agency Approvals and related documents can be found on the APC web site.

Start at your country level APC website.
In the upper right hand corner there is a search box. Please search for the APC model number (sku) then click on the link to product's main page, Technical Specifications tab.
Next, scroll down and look under the section labeled Conformance. You will find a list of Regulatory Approvals. Here you will find a list of regulatory approvals.

For a copy of the document(s) go to the *Agency Approvals page: https://www.apc.com/prod_docs/results.cfm?DocType=Agency+Approval
Next, choose the product name or part (model) number that you are looking for and Search.

*How can you get to the Agency Approvals page if the link doesn't work?
Links to Agency Approvals are available from the individual product family pages.
Here is an example using the NetShelter SX:
Home > Products > Rack Accessories > Racks and Enclosures > NetShelter SX > Agency Approvals.
This format works for all product families.

Schneider Electric also has a Green Premium page where you can check REACh RoHS documentation: https://www.schneider-electric.us/en/work/support/green-premium/

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