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Can I use a serial connection for shutdown when I have a Network Management Card installed in my SU, SUA, SURT, or SUM series Smart-UPS?

The use of standard Smart Signaling communication while also using a Network Management Card may result in erratic communication with the UPS.
For a serial connection to function properly it must be a Simple Signaling connection.

Product Line
SU, SUA, SURT, or SUM series Smart-UPS Products

Smart-UPS installations that include a Network Management Card, but also require a serial connection for graceful shutdown of an attached device

When using a Network Management Card with your UPS, we strongly recommend that you use Power Chute Network Shutdown to manage device shutdowns for best possible performance.

For a serial connection to function properly while using a Network Management Card, it must be a Simple Signaling connection.

Simple Signaling  communications provide a limited set of signaling, but allow you to gracefully shutdown attached servers or other devices. It will alert devices when the UPS is on battery, when it is back online, or when it has reached  low battery. Other more advanced features such as voltage reporting, or transfer point configuration will only be available via the Network Management Card web interface.

To shutdown a device via simple signaling serial communications while also using a Network Management Card:
1) Use the optional 940-0020 Simple Signaling cable
2) Ensure that "Basic Signaling Shutdown" is enabled in the Network Management Card interface
3) Ensure that shutdown software is configured for Simple Signaling Communications (You can use Powerchute Business Edition, your OS' native support, or a third party application)
4) If you also have devices being shut down via Powerchute Network Shutdown, ensure that those devices are shut down first.
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