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When multiple critical events occur, why does PowerChute Network Shutdown 3.0.1 not shut down using the shortest delay value in one of the events?

When multiple critical events occur,  PowerChute Network Shutdown does not shut down using the shortest delay value assigned to one of the events.
For example, you configure PowerChute Network Shutdown v3.0.1 with a shutdown delay of 300 seconds for event 1 and 120 seconds for event 2.  If event 1 occurs first and then event 2 occurs, PowerChute will wait 300 seconds before starting the shut down sequence instead of using the shorter delay of 120 seconds.

Product Line:
PowerChute Network Shutdown version 3.0.1

Impacts all Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems supported for PowerChute Network Shutdown v3.0.1.

A change made to PowerChute Network Shutdown v3.0.1 introduced this issue. PowerChute Network Shutdown versions 3.0 and earlier are not impacted by this and do not require this update.

Uninstall PowerChute version 3.0.1 and install PowerChute Network Shutdown version 5.x

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