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Do I need to install Java before installing PowerChute Network Shutdown?

Do I need to install Java before installing PowerChute Network Shutdown?

PowerChute Network Shutdown

All supported OS


If you go to https://www.apc.com/tools/download/ and choose Software Upgrades - PowerChute Network Shutdown from the drop-down list, PDF documents listing supported JREs can be found.

PowerChute Version 4.4
PowerChute installs OpeJDK 14 for all supported operating systems.

PowerChute Version 4.3
With all supported operating systems except HP-UX®, AIX, and Mac OS X, PowerChute installs OpenJDK 11.
To install PowerChute on HP-UX, AIX, and Mac OS X, a compatible JRE must already be installed on your system.
Solaris Sparc gives you the option of installing the bundled JRE, or specifying a JRE location.

PowerChute Version 3.x, and 4.0, 4.1, 4.2
With all supported operating systems except HP-UX, AIX, and Mac OS X, PowerChute gives you the option of installing a "private" JRE during installation.
However, this "private" version of the JRE, which is specifically for PowerChute, will take up about 100 MB of disk space. A PowerChute installation takes up about 6 MB of space if you have already installed a public JRE.

PowerChute Version 2.2.x
For v2.2.x, the answer varies with the operating system.

On the non-Itanium versions of Windows, PCNS has a bundled JRE 5.0 Update 13. It has to determine whether it installs JRE or uses a version already installed on your system.

On Linux, VMware, and Solaris for Sparc, PCNS also has bundled JRE version. It gives you a choice whether or not to install the bundled JRE or use a JRE installed on your system. A supported JRE is listed in the Compatibility Chart for PCNS on the APC Web site.

On HP-UX, AIX, NetWare, Mac OS X, and Itanium Windows, Solaris 10 for x64/ x86 , PCNS does NOT install JRE. You must make sure that a compatible JRE version is already installed on your system before you install PowerChute Network Shutdown.

For most operating systems, you can download a Java Runtime Environment from http://java.sun.com. NetWare 6 has JRE 1.3.1. Other versions of JRE are available on Novell's Web site.

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