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NetBotz | Technical Details For Dry Contact Interfaces

Published date: 16 July 2020

Technical Details For Netbotz Dry Contact Interfaces

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NetBotz version 2 sensor

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Technical Details For Dry Contact Interfaces

-The technical details for dry contact (contact closure) interfaces are as follows.

-All current on a dry contact connection is direct current (DC).

-The minimum is 0.3v and the max is 3.3v.

-The two wires correspond to +3.3V output from the NetBotz Appliance and an A/D input (with a 10K pulldown).

-When the A/D is "floating", it pulls to 0V. When the two are "shorted", the A/D winds up reading just below 3.3V.

-By default, NetBotz is treating values below 0.3V as "open" and above 0.3V as "closed".

-It is VERY IMPORTANT not to "push in" a voltage from another device.

-Dry contact devices, either due to using physical relays or opto-isolators, open or close the circuit between the two wires without actually driving a voltage into the wires, which eliminates the need for a common ground reference.

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