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Setting Up IPMI on StruxureWare Data Center Expert Enterprise

Published date: 21 May 2018


Setting Up IPMI on NetBotz Central Enterprises

Product Line:

NetBotz Central
StruxureWare Data Center Expert
InfraStruxure Central


Only NetBotz Central Enterprise Revision D (or later)


Optional Bios Configurations.


Note: Only NetBotz Central Enterprise Revision D (or later) systems support IPMI. Revision D systems start with the serial number / MAC address
of: "00:11:43:xx:xx:xx".

The IPMI interface is NOT configured by default on NetBotz Central Enterprise. To enable and configure IPMI administrators must use the "IPMI Server Management Configuration Utility". To access this utility a keyboard and monitor must be attached to the NetBotz Central Enterprise system. While the system is booting, press "Control + E" to enter the "IPMI Server Configuration Utility". In some newer systems, this may be listed as BMC.

The following settings should be configured:

  • Ensure that ""IPMI Over LAN"" is set to ""On"" as shown below in the figure below.
  • If not using DHCP, supply an appropriate IP address, subnet, and gateway as shown in figure 2 below. Also ensure that ""VLAN Enable"" is set to ""Off"". The IP Address supplied is NOT the same IP address used by the main NIC on the server operating system.
  • Ensure that the ""Administrator Account"" is set to ""Enable"" and specify an administrator account and password as in figure 3 below.
  • Upon completing the configuration tasks above, press the Esc key. The utility will save the settings and continue the boot process.
Please note that most versions of StruxureWare DCE hardware has the IPMI option and there may be different options to get to them. Check the Dell web site using your Dell service tag to verify hardware version.

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