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How Do I Eliminate Multiple Alert Notifications

Published date: 24 January 2018


Eliminating Multiple Alert Notifications from NetBotz appliances

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Potentially any version


Potentially, different configuration options may cause repeated alerts.


- Check that each alert action associated with an alert sequence does not have duplicate addresses associated with it.
- Verify that the different alert sequences within a profile is not set up with the same notifications.
- Thresholds may have a threshold specific e-mail address associated with it. Make sure this is not a duplicate of an address already associated with the actions.
- Make sure the threshold is not set up so that the threshold itself is switching into and out of alert too frequently.
- Increase the notification interval or decrease the number of notifications in the Alert configuration / profile
- Maks sure the check box is unchecked for"Automatically add new alert actions to this schedule" for any alert profile sequences.

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