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Smart-UPS Stacking Height Limitations

This document describes the acceptable stacking configurations of Smart-UPS products.  To achieve the minimum possible footprint, these products can be stacked following the guidelines below. It is important to consider the effect of extra weight on any raised floor environments.

SU Products:

The UPS and batteries can be stacked 25.5"" high. Possible configurations include:

3 SU48XLBPs stacked together
1 SU2200XL on bottom, 1 SU48XLBP on top

SURT Products:

1KVA to 10KVA SURT units are not designed to be stacked, but rather should be connected in a tower configuration as indicated in the users manual.
15KVA and 20KVA units may be stacked to a total height of not more than 18U, which would be a main UPS enclosure and 2 battery enclosures.

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