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How to properly update an NetworkAIR FM NMC via XModem.

Published date: 05 April 2016

How to properly update an NetworkAIR FM NMC via XModem
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NOTE: Start Update with the AOS and then the Application file. Every time you finish, you need to totally log out of HyperTerminal.

  • Open Hyper-Terminal Session /  set to 9600,8, None, 1, None
  • Hit enter key 2 times and input user name--apc and password--apc.

Note—this is the default high level user name and pass word; this may have been changed by site personnel.

  • From the control console enter: 3-System
  • 4-Tools


  • 6-File Transfer
  • 1-XMODEM
  • Respond YES
  • Select 4-Baud Rate 38400

  • Disconnect from Hyper Terminal, go to File, Properties and change port setting to 38400.


  • Click Apply, OK, then reconnect and press ENTER


  • Once connected the unit will start to Scroll CCC…  Showing connection is present
  • Click on Transfer, Send File…



  • 9. Click on Browse, locate file, and click Open. Set Protocol for Xmodem, click send.


  • File transfer will begin…

  • Once file transfer is complete, disconnect and exit hyper terminal session. Restart Hyper terminal session using the following port settings and check the control console for the proper AOS/Application files.

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