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What are the Minimum and Maximum mounting depths for Smart-UPS rails?


What are the Minimum and Maximum mounting depths for Smart-UPS rack mount rails?

Product Line:



All rack mounted models, All Serial Numbers
This includes the UPS as well as any associated external battery packs.


Smart-UPS Rackmount units (typically designated with "RM" in the part number) include a system of rails and brackets to mount the unit in a typical IT rack enclosure. The rails are adjustable to allow for a range of different sized racks. For specifics of how to mount your unit, please refer to the installation documentation included with your UPS or External Battery Pack.


For all Smart-UPS products 10Kva or less:
The minimum depth for the rails is 21.75" and the maximum depth is 36".
NOTE: If your Smart-UPS is equipped with cleats (metal pieces attached to the sides of the Smart-UPS chassis that slide into the rails) the minimum depth is 29"".

For Smart-UPS products over than 10Kva:
The minimum depth for the rails is 27.5" and the maximum depth is 33".

If you are using your APC rail kit to mount non-APC equipment your experience may vary.
Please note that some networking specific or custom enclosures may need to be adjusted to accommodate the depth of the rails.

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