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Why can I log into my Console Port Server through Terminal, Telnet or SSH as root and have Administrator access, but when I log in via the web interface I am seen as a regular user?

Your Group Permissions file needs to be edited to recognize your Administrator account.

The procedure to fix this is listed below.
  1. Open up a command prompt via Terminal, Telnet or SSH terminal and log into your CPS as root.
  1. Type cd /etc/ to browse to the etc directory.
  1. Type vi group to open the group permissions file with vi text editor. (If you are not familiar with using the vi text editor, there are a number of websites that offer help. Please consult them first before continuing.)
  1. Add the line admin::104:root to the end of the file and save it.
  1. Issue the runconf command and press <enter>.
  1. Issue the saveconf command and press <enter>.
  1. You should now have access to the Console Port Server, via the web, with your Administrator account.

If you still experience trouble, please contact APC by Schneider Electric technical support.

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