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How to clean Air Filters on an ACRC301S or ACRC301H

This document describes how clean Component Replacement Air Filters.

Product line:

All Serial Numbers.

Install, Repair.


Safety information before working on any Schneider Electric Cooling Unit

Before You Start Powering down the unit, To stop the cooling unit

Cleanable Air Filters Removal and installation
1. Starting with the top air filter, locate the pull tab and pull up and away from filter track.
2. To remove the bottom filter, locate the pull tab and pull down and away from the filter track.
3. Remove dust and debris from the filter media using a vacuum with a soft brush, or rinse the filter media with low pressure water.
4. Inspect the filter for damage or deterioration of the filter media. Make sure the filter is dry before installing.
5. Reinstall the filter.

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