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Details of new SURT Rackmount SKU's for 2008

Smart-UPS RT Rackmount units changed in 2008

Product Line:



All RT Rackmounts, shipped in 2008 or later

Changes in part numbers were made to indicate if rack mount rails were included in the box with the UPS.


Previously all SURT Rackmount SKU's were PTO (Pick To Order). This means that if a customer purchased a rackmount unit they would be shipped a tower model UPS and a rack mounting kit in a separate box. When installing the UPS the customer would need to remove the tower feet from the UPS and install the rail kit. In an effort to make this process easier for customers and resellers, the new SURT rackmount units will ship in a rackmount configuration with the rails included in the UPS packaging. This simplifies the install process and also streamlines the shipping & stocking process for resellers.

There are no additional changes or improvements in the new models aside from their configuration when shipped.

Attached is a spreadsheet showing the old and new model numbers


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