Advantage Ultra Plan for Lithium-ion Battery Solutions

Schneider Electric annual Advantage Ultra Service Plan for Lithium-ion Battery Solutions offers the Customer peace of mind by providing remedial repairs, technical support and one preventive maintenance visit. 1.1Annual Preventive Maintenance VisitIncluded as part of the Advantage Ultra Service Plan, the annual preventive maintenance visit provides a comprehensive visual, environmental and electronic inspection of the Battery system to help ensure that components are performing to defined technical and environmental specifications. This service includes labor and travel expenses with an available 24/7 scheduling upgrade option.1.2On-site Remedial Services Schneider Electric Services will dispatch qualified personnel to provide repairs in the event of a problem. Parts including batteries, rack, Battery Management System (BMS), Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS), travel, and labor are included. The standard response time for battery issues mirrors the response time purchased for the UPS contract at no additional cost for the Customer.







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