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As a global company, APC by Schneider Electric is subject to complex regulations, market drivers from Sustainability initiatives and pressure from our customers. This requires us to demand more detailed information about the materials and parts that we are sourcing. This requires us to ask our suppliers to provide us, not just with compliant materials, parts and products, but to provide us with the data necessary to prove compliance, preferably in a digital format.

Suppliers should be prepared to respond to our requests for compliance data in a complete and timely manner. We often use third parties to collect data and suppliers should respond to their data requests in the same way they would respond to an official company request.

Compliance data should be thought of as just another type of product data that is as critical as any other parameter on their data sheet. Suppliers should make every effort to demonstrate their compliance through clear, accurate and appropriate reporting methods.

We recognize that it can be difficult to be the recipient of these complex data requests. We are available to help. To request additional information regarding the APC environmental compliance initiative and how it might impact your business, contact the Environmental Stewardship Office via our Support Team.

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