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At Schneider Electric, we empower our partners to make a difference in customers' lives through the EcoXpert partner program. Becoming an EcoXpert gives you access to our integrated critical IT infrastructure solutions to help you take on new business opportunities.​

EcoXpert Partner Program
Data Center and Critical Infrastructure Certifications

Power Continuity
Precision Cooling
Datacenter Infrastructure Management(DCIM)
Critical IT Infrastructure
Power Continuity and Cooling Services
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Certifications across diverse competencies

Power Continuity

Power Continuity

Demonstrating exceptional skills in developing, integrating, and implementing connected 3-phase UPS solutions and power distribution units to ensure uninterrupted and resilient IT infrastructure and operations 24X7.

Precision Cooling

Precision Cooling​

Proven expertise in designing, integrating, and commissioning precision cooling solutions for data center environments, both InRow and perimetral, digitally connected to guarantee maximized operation and efficiency to achieve sustainable goals.

Data Center

Critical IT Infrastructure​

Demonstrated proficiency in creating, combining, and initiating complete data center solutions utilizing design software (ISX Solutions), along with prefabricated modular data centers, which consist of rack, power, cooling, and software (DCIM & BMS), among others.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)​

Software solutions for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) are designed to seamlessly integrate third-party platforms and streamline the operation of critical infrastructure.

Power Continuity & Cooling Services

Power Continuity & Cooling Services​

Expertise in delivering best-in-class services for PS and Cooling Solutions with field and digital services to our customers at the right time and place, according to the highest safety standards and with highly competent and experienced personnel.

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EcoXpert Partner Program

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