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When does the firmware of SRV, SRVS series Easy UPS On-Line need to be updated?

  • While installing a new Network Management Card (NMC) AP9544.
  • To resolve a problem faced while setting up NMC card AP9544 in a SRV or SRVS series Easy UPS On-Line.
NOTE: The firmware update is not applicable for those users using existing NMC card APV9601/APVS9601.

Product line:
SRV, SRVS series Easy UPS On-Line

All serial numbers with manufacturing date earlier than fiscal week 24 (June 2023).

Users may wish to upgrade their firmware to take advantage of enhancements, bug fixes, or new features. Also, sometimes a firmware upgrade can be interrupted or unsuccessful and these instructions can be followed to remedy the problem.
Typically, these upgrades do not require the device (Network Management Card) to be installed in the UPS.

When installing the Easy UPS On-Line with Network Management Card (NMC) AP9544, you will need to determine whether UPS firmware upgrade is required or not by identifying the serial number of the UPS and contact SEIT Customer Care team for further assistance.

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