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Smart-UPS SRT UPS Reports: Internal RBC Disconnected or Battery Pack x, RBC y is Disconnected

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The Smart-UPS SRT reports one of the following errors: Internal RBC Disconnected and Battery Pack x, RBC y is Disconnected:

Product Line:
Smart-UPS SRT Models

Check the battery connections of the UPS internal batteries. If External Battery Packs are installed, check the internal battery connections within these packs. Perform UPS Self-test with at least 500 Watts of load.

If the alert persists, verify on the UPS display interface that the installation dates for the RBCs are set to the correct date. The installation dates can be changed manually on the UPS display interface. If all RBCs have been replaced at the same time, all installation dates can be changed simultaneously. To configure, enter the installation date of the RBCs using the Configuration Menu - Battery - Install Date, or refer to Battery Install Date in the Operation manual.

If the problem persists, brain dead and then cold start the unit. If the issue persists, perform a UPS firmware upgrade to the latest firmware revision available in FA279197.

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