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What Proximity Cards are supported by the NetBotz NBACS125 & NBACS1356 Rack Access Control Systems?

The NBACS125 Rack Access Control appliance supports the following Proximity Cards
  • H10301 - Standard 26 Bit
  • H10302 - 37 Bit without facility code
  • H10304 - 37 Bit with facility code
  • CORP1000

    NBACS125 ships with 2 x Standard 26 Bit cards. Additional packs of 10 cards (AP9370-10) can by purchased from APC by Schneider Electric.

The NBACS1356 Rack Access Control appliance supports the following Proximity Cards
  • MIFAREC4 - Mifare Classic 4 byte
  • MIFAREC7 - Mifare Classic 7 byte
  • MIFAREDF - Mifare DESfire
  • MIFAREPL - Mifare Plus
  • iClass        - ICLASS 8 byte
    NBACS1356 does not ship with any Proximity Cards. Schneider Electric does not sell these cards at this time.
For more information, see the product brochure below.


Note: Pod Sharing with the NBACS125 / NBACS1356 Rack Access Control systems is NOT supported at this time
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