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How to download and use the APC UPS-Link Protocol Language

How to obtain APC UPS-Link Protocol language

Product Lines:
Smart-UPS, Matrix, Symmetra
NOTE: The UPS-Link Protocol is used only for APC smart signaling UPS models. This UPS-Link Protocol does not support SMX/SMT/SURTD/SRT models or other next generation UPS's without the use of the AP9620 Legacy Communications Card (LCC).

All OS

Users who are running an operating system or application which APC does not provide a pre-developed software solution for can now download the UPS-Link language protocol from the APC web site free of charge.

By clicking on "Download" the customer agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Licensing Agreement which includes using the language for the purpose stated on the contract only. This Licensing Agreement is also available to download from the APC web site for review.

To download the UPS-Link Protocol License, go to https://www.apc.com/tools/download/index.cfm or click on the "Software & Firmware" link from the www.apc.com homepage.

In the "Filter By Software / Firmware", select "Software Upgrades - UPSLink Protocol Language"

Click on Documentation to view the License Agreement before downloading the UPS-Link Protocol.

Once Download is selected, you are presented with two options:
  1. Standard UPS-Link Protocol License.
  2. UPS-Link License specifically for APC AV UPS's (e.g. S20BLK Model).

Once downloaded, users can use the UPS-Link protocol freely within the conditions of the Licensing Agreement.

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