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Single Phase Symmetra Hardwire Torque Specifications

What are the recommended torque values for the input and output wiring of single phase Symmetra UPS systems?

Product Line:
Symmetra Power Array
Symmetra RM
Symmetra LX

All serial ranges

This document provides the recommended torque values for the UPS systems in the product lines mentioned above.

The list below references the part number of the UPS frame, which in most cases is found on the back of the system on a white sticker.

Symmetra RM 2-6kVA:(SYHF6KT) - torque = 16 in/lbs

Symmetra RM 8-12kVA: (SYPF12KT) - torque = 30 in/lbs

Symmetra Power Array: (SYMSTRF, SYMINIF) - torque = 30 in/lbs

Symmetra LX (SYAF  -- all models):- torque = 40 in/lbs

These specifications as well as conductor and breaker recommendations can also be found in the user manual of each UPS system.

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