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Utilizing the maximum output capacity of the Symmetra RM 6kVA


How can I use the maximum output capacity of the Symmetra RM 6kva UPS system if it comes with an input power cord with L6-30P?

Product Line

Symmetra RM


6kva system only


This document describes how a customer can utilize the full capacity of this UPS system while complying to national electric code (NEC) requirements.


In order for the Symmetra RM to be utilized to a capacity greater than 5kVA, the input to the unit should be hardwired to 40 amp service in order to meet local wiring code requirements.   Please reference the user manual for details on how to do so.  Also, the UPS would have to be populated with a minimum of three power modules.

If the load on the UPS is going to be below 5kva, the input power cord that comes with the UPS can be utilized safely.

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