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What do I gain with a Unity Output Power Factor (kW=kVA)?

What do I gain with a Unity Output Power Factor (kW=kVA)?

Product line:
Three Phase UPS Systems

All models/ all serial numbers

What do I gain with a Unity Output Power Factor (kW=kVA)? The advantage of unity power factor is that these UPS systems are 100% compatible with today's high power factor loads. Traditionally, a UPS with a lower power factor needs to be oversized to support today's power factor corrected loads.  Some APC 3-phase UPS products as well as newer single phase products(SRT6K) have an output rating of kW=kVA or Unity Power Factor. While the more traditional double conversion units have output ratings of kW=0.8kVA.

Refer to the following application note for a better understanding of power factor as related to APC products


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