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Can you hardwire the input/output of the Matrix-UPS?

Can the input or output of a Matrix UPS be hardwired?

Product Line:
Matrix UPS

All serial ranges

A user may wish to hardwire the input/output of the UPS rather than use the supplied input power cord.

APC offers a hardwire kit to be used with the 120/208 Matrix-UPS product. The part #s for these kits are as follows:

MXA001: 5kVA Hardwire kit
MXA002: 3kVA Hardwire kit

These hardwire kits replace the standard back plate and allows the input and output of the Matrix to be wired directly to their corresponding electrical panels. This kit provides 120V, 208V and 240V on the output. The electrical specifications for both the Matrix 3kVA and Matrix 5kVA UPS systems are as follows:

Input Over-current Protection
3kVA: 20 A
5kVA: 30 A

Input/Output Wire Size
3kVA: 12 AWG
5kVA: 10 AWG

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