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Installing a Smart-UPS in a WX series Netshelter enclosure


Installing a Smart-UPS in a WX series Netshelter enclosure

Product Line:



All rackmount models, All Serial Numbers


Product Information


The maximum depth between the rails on a WX series enclosure is 15.5"" and the minimum depth to use the standard Smart-UPS rail kit is 20.75"". In order to mount a standard Smart-UPS in a WX enclosure you must install it in the bottom of the rack without rails. This allows the rear frame of the WX to properly support the Smart-UPS. Secure the front of the Smart-UPS to the front rail of the enclosure using the standard front brackets included with the Smart-UPS.

Please note that the maximum load rating for this rack is 200 lbs, and the maximum equipment depth is 18"", which precludes the use of some larger Smart-UPS models."

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