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INFORMATION BULLETIN - Upgrading Rack ATS Firmware (AP77XX) - potential to permanently damage ATS during download


Please be advised that during a firmware upgrade to version apc_hw02_aos357_g2ats357.exe, apc_hw02_aos374_g2ats370.exe, apc_hw02_aos374_g2ats371.exe, apc_hw02_aos390_g2ats390.exe, or apc_hw02_aos390_g2ats392.exe, if you have a load attached to the ATS, there is a probability to permanently damage the Rack ATS. The ATS will begin to switch sources back and forth and this will cause permanent damage to your ATS as well as drop any loads connected downstream of the ATS.

Product Line

Rack Automatic Transfer Switches (AP77XX), specifically the models below ONLY:

  • AP7721
  • AP7722A
  • AP7723
  • AP7724
  • AP7730
  • AP7731
  • AP7732
  • AP7750A
  • AP7752
  • AP7752J
  • AP7753

  • All firmware versions
  • All serial numbers


There is a probability to permanently damage the Rack ATS if the procedure is not followed.


Required Download Procedure - two options:

1.) Disconnect the secondary input power source and apply power to the ATS through the primary source only during the firmware update. This will remove the redundancy from your loads for approximately five minutes but will not require powering down your attached load.


2.) Remove ALL connected loads to the ATS and apply the firmware update using the instructions below.

Please refer to the attachment below for the firmware update procedure. Failure to follow these instructions could lead to permanent damage on the Rack ATS product.

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