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Can I connect a Macintosh computer to my Analog KVM Switch (AP5201/AP5202)?


Can I connect a Macintosh computer to my Analog KVM Switch?

Product Line
  • Rack Accessories - KVM Switches
    • AP5201
    • AP5202

  • All serial numbers
  • All firmware versions
  • Mac OS X or higher


APC does not sell a KVM cable that connects direct from the AP5201/AP5202 KVM switch to a Macintosh computer.


APC engineering has tested use of part number 19044 (PS/2 to USB adapter) to be used in conjunction with the AP5201/AP5202 KVM switch. The 19044 connects to the PS/2 connection on your KVM cable. The USB adapter then connects to your Macintosh computer.

APC engineering only tested this configuration with Macintosh computers running version OSX 10 or higher. Operating systems previous to 10 are not tested and proved to work.

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