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Do the NetShelter SX Shock Package cabinets include the OSHPD or IBC High Seismic Area mounting brackets?

Preparing for installation, want to know if the pallet brackets from the Shock Packaging can be used to mount the cabinet to the floor.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX Shock Package

All versions and serial ranges.

Pallet brackets from non-SP cabinet can be used as bolt-down brackets.

The Shock Package cabinets do not include the seismic mounting brackets. They must be purchased separately.
Please use AR7701A-S as the seismic mounting brackets for NetShelter SX SP-series cabinets into IBC High Seismic Area or OSHPD installatiions.
For installation in IBC Low Seismic Area or Moderate Seismic Area please use either AR7701A-S or AR7701.

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