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What are the typical uses for an EcoAisle System

What are the typical uses for an EcoAisle System.

Product line:

Only ACRC100, EcoBreeze, ACRC301X.



•         Predictable cooling solutions are designed for close temperature control. They provide high reliability for year-round operation, with the ease of service, system flexibility, and redundancy necessary to keep the technology room up and running 24 hours a day.

•         The maintenance of temperature conditions is critical to smooth operation of a data center. Temperature control is essential because fluctuations in the temperature of a data center can cause thermal stresses and premature failure in IT equipment. Separation of the aisles with heat removed directly from the hot aisle and directly into the cold aisle, ensures that the inlet temperatures to the equipment will be constant and adequate for proper operation.

•         As blade servers become a more relied upon server platform, new cooling problems arise in the data center. The EcoAisle allows for more predictable cooling in this new IT environment by separating the hot and cold airstreams in the IT Environment.  The solution ensures that the supply and return air streams are channeled to their required locations.

•         Capacity planning is yet another benefit of the EcoAisle. In an open aisle / row configuration the cooling system is typically oversized compared to the power consumed by the IT load.  The efficiencies gained with deploying a containment system enables the cooling capacity to be closely matched with the power.  The deployment of the Active Flow Controller more closely couples the cooling equipment to the IT heat load as it monitors the pressure inside vs outside the containment allowing the fan speed to be adjusted so that the right amount of air is being provided.  This could also result in shutting units off as they may not be needed when the containment is deployed.  The matching of cooling to power is what we refer to as rightsizing.

•         As the loads change, the demand for cooling will increase or decrease.  Typical data center cooling looks at the temperature of the room to adjust capacity.  The method of relying solely on temperature control could be flawed depending on the placement of the temperature probe.  The Active Flow controller looks at the pressure inside vs outside the aisle allowing it to quickly detect the dynamic load changes and send a control signal to adjust the airflow of the cooling equipment.  This quick response to the changing environment will allow the protection of expensive IT assets.

•         Floor space utilization is another benefit of the EcoAisle.  The efficiency gains in the cooling system when the EcoAisle is deployed reduce the number of cooling units in the solutions.  Reducing support infrastructure to the IT equipment results in more usable space for deployment of IT assets.  The EcoAisle can easily be retrofitted into existing datacenters, allowing greater cooling capacities without adding more cooling units.

Hot Spots

    • Server consolidation
    • Compaction
    • Peak loads

Capacity Planning

●       Data center expansion
●       Rightsizing

Zero Floorspace

●       Data center retrofits
●       White space utilization


High Density
●       Blade servers
●       NAS Storage devices
●       1U Servers

Dynamic Loads
●       Batch Processing
●       Grid Computing

High Availability

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