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Device Identification Fields in InfraStruXure (ISX) Manager Report as "Unknown"


Device Identification Fields in InfraStruXure (ISX) Manager Report as "Unknown"

Product Line
  • InfrastruXure (ISX) Manager - AP92200

  • Various versions of ISX Manager as noted


For every device the InfraStruXure Manager monitors there is a "Device Identification" option which lists three properties for identifying a device. These three properties are "System Name," "Contact," and "Location." To view or configure these properties right-click on the desired device and select "Device Identification."


There are a couple of reasons why these fields may appear as "Unknown."
  • The ISX Manager is doing an SNMP get for the corresponding identification settings that have been configured on the Network Management Card (NMC) that the ISX Manager is monitoring. If these have not been set on the NMC then they will appear as "Unknown" in the ISX Manager as "Unknown" is the default value on the NMC for these fields. These fields can then be configured either on the NMC or the ISX Manager to the desired values.
  • On older revisions of the ISX manager (4.3 and below), Symmetra and Silcon UPS units communicate differently than any other APC products. This communication doesn't support the transfer of the Device Identification fields from the card to the manager or vice versa. The device identification fields for these devices will either have to be configured individually in both the NMC and ISX Manager or ISX Manager will need to be updated to at least version 4.4.

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