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How do I recover the firmware on an AP5610, AP5615, AP5616 Digital IP KVM models?


Need KVM Firmware Recovery Procedure to remedy a corrupted firmware image.

Product Line
  • Rack Accessories - KVM Switches:
    • AP5610
    • AP5615
    • AP5616

  • All serial numbers
  • All firmware versions
  • Corrupted firmware image
  • KVM Power LED flashing constantly after applying power

If power to the KVM switch is lost during a firmware upgrade, it can corrupt the firmware image stored on the KVM switch. If you have a KVM switch that will not boot to the On Screen Display, it may be required to recover the firmware in the following method outlined below.


Follow the steps below.

Required Items:
  • PC with network card
  • TFTP software (there is freeware available on the web such as 3CDaemon, TFTPD32, or PumpKIN). It MUST be TFTP.
  • Network cable (Cat5 or Cat6, does not have to be crossover if the NIC supports gigabit)
  • Local access to the KVM switch
  • Latest firmware file available via apc.com
  • CMN number on the upper left hand corner of the white sticker on the bottom of the KVM switch. Refer to the chart below if you are sure about your KVM switch model.

KVM Switch Model

CMN Number





  • Create a direct connection between the network card of the PC and the network port on the KVM switch using the network cable
  • Reconfigure the PC to have a static/manual IP address of and subnet mask of, no default gateway is required.
  • Rename the firmware file to the following syntax: CMN-XXXX.fl
    • Replace X’s with the CMN number gathered off the bottom of the unit or from the chart noted above. This filename is case sensitive.
  • Place the firmware file in the TFTP server's root directory and ensure the TFTP server is started/enabled.
  • When the KVM first turns on, it has an IP address of It will look for a TFTP server at and boot from the network if it finds a TFTP server with the proper firmware file being hosted.
    • When the transfer begins, you will see a TFTP request/transfer on your TFTP server's log.
  • Upon completion of the firmware recovery, the KVM switch will flash all of it's LEDs and now boot to its On Screen Display menu. Alternatively, you can establish a local console session to gain access to the KVM configuration menu.

Note: The TFTP server MUST be set to provide all files when asked, meaning; there isn’t any prompting by the TFTP server. Please check the TFTP server's options to ensure this is set correctly.

If you have problems following this procedure, please contact APC by Schneider Electric technical support for assistance.

APC Peru

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