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Which SmartSlot accessories work with the APC Redundant Switch (SU0XX part number)?


APC Redundant Switch SmartSlot accessory compatibility - which accessories can be installed in the device's SmartSlot?

The APC Redundant Switch is a discontinued product. Please follow this knowledgebase link if you have a SU045-1 or SU045X163 for an important product safety notice.

Product Line
  • Rack Power Distribution - Redundant Switches (discontinued)
    • SU042-# (# indicating any number)
    • SU043-#
    • SU044-#
    • SU045-#
    • SU045X###

  • All installations


The APC Redundant Switch (part number SU0XX) was designed to provide redundant power to single corded equipment, such as a server. By design, each power cord is plugged into its own separate APC UPS. If power on one source fails, the alternate power supply is used to power the load.

The APC Redundant Switch (part number SU0XX) shipped with a working Smartslot.


The SmartSlot can be used with the following APC SmartSlot Card:
  • AP9612TH - Temperature and Humidity Card (In order to view Temperature/Humidity information, you will need to use either PowerChute Plus or PowerChute Business Edition.)
  • You can also use the AP9207 - APC Share UPS Interface Expander SmartSlot when connecting via the serial port. The AP9207 provides additional serial ports for PowerChute graceful shutdown in the event of a power failure.

No other Smartslot cards will not work in the SU0XX Redundant Switch. The AP9603, AP9605, AP9606, AP9617, AP9618, AP9619, AP9630, AP9631, AP9635 will not work in any of the SU0XX Redundant Switches and there are no plans to make them work in the future.

If a network enabled Redundant Switch is needed, please click here to review APC's current Rack Automatic Transfer Switch product line.

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