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Does the NetShelter VED Kit provide cooling?
... drawn through the VED into a larger plenum above the ceiling to recirculate back to a larger AC unit .
What are your condenser clearances and placement requirements?
Walls or Obstructions The unit should be located so that air may circulate freely and not be recirculated .
Can the ar7708 Hot Air Recirculation Prevention Kit be used in a NetShelter SX Networking cabinet?
Issue: Customers want to seal off any areas where hot air may recirculate to the front of the cabinet.
When finger-style vertical cable managers are used in a 750mm wide NetShelter cabinet, is it possible to also block off the cable pass-thru openings in the mounting rails?
... inside a NetShelter cabinet, designers need to know how to block hot air from recirculating through the rails.
How is the rackmount U-space of a NetShelter cabinet or rack identified?
Cause: Incorrect placement of equipment can create airflow problems, like hot air recirculation .
What should be checked if the NetShelter CX internal temperature exceeds expected levels? (5*C/41*F above room temp)
Cause: Fan issues, air recirculation , cabinet overloaded, intake/exhaust blocked, filter, wall clearance.
Do the Cisco Nexus 7700 series switches require a side airflow duct kit?
Duct kits are used to help the switches cool efficiently and prevent hot air recirculation .
Can the horizontal cable troughs ar8008blk and ar8016ablk be used in conjunction with vertical cable managers ar7580a, AR7585 and AR7588?
... pack) to close off the holes in the cable managers and prevent hot air recirculation .
APC 3 Phase UPS; dual feed UPS systems, where does the neutral conductor get terminated?
Also with the common neutral bus in the UPS you can get circulating currents flowing between the two transformers and also ground fault current from ...
Does APC offer a side airflow duct kit for the Cisco Nexus 7009, 7000 9-slot switch?
It also helps block hot air from recirculating to the front of the cabinet.

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