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General Receptacle Wiring Practices
Generally a 120 / 208 volt , five wire system derived from a transformer with a wye secondary is used in commercial applications.
Hardwiring to 120v, 208v, and 240v loads from a 208v/240v SmartUPS RT UPS
... from hot to hot you will see 208 volts (or 240v if so configured), however it is not two balanced 120 volt ...
How do I hardwire 10kva and 20kva transformers in a 208/120 or 240/120 environment
Please also make sure that the input voltage switch is in the correct position.
Verification of Matrix-UPS input voltage configuration
The Matrix must be configured for a 208 or a 240 environment.
How Does Matrix-UPS Report Output Voltage?
The factory default for Out V Report is Auto; in this mode the Matrix-UPS reports its output with respect to its input voltage selection (set manually inside the UPS by the user at start-up). If it is desirable to monitor the voltage at a specific output receptacle, the choices are 208 and 240 VAC. The 240 setting is also useful for customers whose Matrix-UPS powers exclusively 120 VAC loads, their voltage is one-half the 240 VAC report.
88 volts from the North American Symmetra Power Array output block
88 volts is measured between a conductor and ground ... ... allows multiple output voltages to be derived ... The output terminal block provides two 120 volt legs and one 88 volt leg. Once the needed output voltage is determined it is imperative to validate the appropriate legs to take to the panel to generate the needed output voltage . The 88 Volt leg is used with the 120 volt leg to derive 208 volts as needed for 208 volt loads. ... Tap 2 generates 120 Volts Tap 4 generates 88 volts Tap 6 generates 120 Volts
How to change the Input Voltage Select Jumper on a Symmetra Power Array
The jumper must be set to match the user's input voltage , either 208 or 240 VAC.
Can you hardwire the input/output of the Matrix-UPS?
APC offers a hardwire kit to be used with the 120 / 208 Matrix-UPS product.
Symmetra LX - U.S. / Japan Electrical Specifications
Please be aware that even if you are not intending to use 120 volts output, but only 208 volts , you still need the ...
SYTF2 for use with Symmetra RM with 208vac Input and Output only
... be used with 208 VAC input feed when connected to a Symmetra RM. ... , he NEMA 5 -15 120vac ... SYTF2 will supply 120 VAC only when 208 VAC is supplied ... ... provide different output voltage from 200 - ... ... to transform this voltage from 208v AC ... ... If the output voltage of the Symmetra ... ... This may cause a sustained over voltage situation for some ... ... Do not provide a continuous AC supply ... with any other voltage then 208v. ... Symmetra RM's input voltage must also be ... ... then pass that voltage through the UPS ...

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