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    Power and secure your internet access at home. Connect your life.

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Home Theatre

Why risk your AV system or the collection of movies, music and pictures you’ve spent a lifetime building? APC AV Power Filters, Power Conditioners & Battery Backups are designed to protect the sensitive electronics found in today’s high-end AV systems and will ensure your equipment delivers the peak performance you expect.

Don’t do it alone – with APC behind the scenes, your AV system is primed to deliver the experience of a lifetime!

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Home Network

Get peace of mind with a UPS for your home network and smart devices, ensuring your family stays connected to the outside world during a power outage. Plus, backup power for your telephone and other home communication devices means you'll stay connected and never miss alerts or other warnings, even during severe weather and power disruptions.

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At APC, we know backup power like a boss. When 100% uptime is critical to unlocking the next challenge, rely on UPS backup from APC. Our Back-UPS Pro line is perfect for console or PC gaming systems and also protects your high speed connection, even during international marathon missions. Back-UPS eliminates interference and protects your gear to keep the game up and running.

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  • Why Your Home Network Needs Battery Back-Up

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