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If we install the APC-MGE proposed leakage sensors AP9325/ 9326 , can we send dedicated notification via dry contact of this sensor to our BMS which knows modbus?
So it cannot be used to monitor specific "" water detected "" alarm. - See ACRC Operation Maintenance Manual for details.
How many leak sensor cables can be attached in series on any 300 mm units.
Leak detector port Rope water detector (AP9325).
Technical Spec’s on a acpa4000
... prevents coil from freezing Condensate Pump-Redundant Yes Dual Condensate floats protect unit from water leakage High-Pressure Switch Yes Protects compressor from ...
Network Air FM unit spare parts list
wap9520tp Rope Water Detector Assembly (0w1586 cable only)
What is the IP or NEMA rating of the SmartBunker FX?
... is that there is an enhancement kit of the gaskets that can prevent vertical leakage from water sprinklers to enter the enclosure.
What is the difference between the leak sensors AP9325 and AP9326?
InRow Cooling, leak sensors, AP9325, AP9326, rope sensor, water sensor,
Can I use the NetBotz leak rope sensors with the Network Air units?
leak, water , compatibility, air conditioner, air conditioning, inrow
Halon and FM 200 Leakage and Detection
NetBotz appliances with the use of third party 4-20ma sensors can be used for detecting leakage of FM-200/Halon.
Network AIR FM Water Detected Shutdown Installation
Issue: This document will go through all of the possible reason why this would happen on Network AIR FM Water Detected Shutdown Installation
Does the NetBotz Leak Rope Sensor nbes0308 detect leak location / zone?
Issue: NetBotz Leak Rope sensor does not detect zone.

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