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Replacement Battery Cartridge (RBC) Recycle Program

Instead of adding to dangerous waste, APC has partnered with an internationally certified organisation (ISO 14001:2004) to ensure that many components of defunct batteries are reused and the remainder is disposed of with minimum environmental impact. APC is proud to provide this service to our recycle program customers, and dispose of your APC battery safely.

Caring for our world

World energy consumption has risen 45% since 1980 and it is projected to be 70% higher by 2030. To limit energy cost and its impact on the environment, we must learn to adapt and manage energy consumption, costs and pollutants. Schneider Electric is committed to reducing the energy cost and CO2 emission of its customers.
Our products, solutions and services are present at every link in the energy value chain for the building, infrastructure, industry and residential market to ensure your comfort and performance, while taking into account environmental issues.

It’s Easy

To take advantage of Free Return Shipping, simply follow the steps to complete the RBC Recycling form.

We will arrange for pick-up of your old unit/s, up to 150Kg and no more than a quantity of 4 RBC’s can be returned to us for recycling and ecologically-responsible disposal*

Save Money

When we collect your old battery, APC ensures they are disposed of under an ISO-certified program, with as much of the unit as possible recycled into new batteries and other products.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

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