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Want to compare the cost of managing your Edge Computing sites yourself versus letting us do it for you?

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Why add a distributed IT management service?

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Gain Visibility

We monitor your customer’s dispersed UPSs, so you don't have to. And with centralized visibility, you remain in control.
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Avoid Costly Dispatches

Using our vehicles, you can avoid spending money operationally to reach your customer’s dispersed IT installations.

Increase Revenue

Looking for recurring revenue? Extend your reach beyond point products, without all the worry and effort.

What others are saying

Dan Coffman, CEO, UPS Protection, Inc.
"Thanks to Monitoring & Dispatch Services, we have been able to provide a full package service to our customers to relieve their staff from maintenance duties and give them the peace of mind to dedicate their time to their focused activities.”

A full package service

Poor visibility. Limited budget and IT staff. Costly on-site remediations. You and your customer’s face similar issues with distributed IT. Monitoring & Dispatch can be the hands-off, value-added service you both need, while staying in control. Here’s how it works.

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Receive notifications from our Connected Services Hub when critical incidents arise. Watch the example above.

We send the experts

Get next business day, on-site service from our expert technicians with replacement parts (included), if necessary.

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