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PDPM288G6H: Install Manual Requires 4-wire Input. Is 3-Wire Acceptable?

The installation manual requires a 4-Wire (3 phases + Neutral + PE) for the input and output.  This PDU has a transformer in it.  Can it be installed as a 3-Wire (3 phases + PE) on the input with the transformer creating a Neutral on the output for the load?

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Modular PDU

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Customer requested information since 4-wire wasn’t available in the installation location.  The installation manual, one-line diagrams, and the service manual do not provide specification as to why 4-wire is required.
One Line Diagram
No, this PDU requires 4-wire on the input and output.
The input neutral is required since it is the same neutral used for the output.  The Auto Transformer doesn’t have a Star Point to create a the neutral needed by the load.
Neutral Connection PointTransformer Connections

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