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Do the new NetShelter WX cabinets use the same door handles as the NetShelter SX? If so, are unique locks possible?

The new NetShelter WX door handles are different than the other models. 

Product Line:
NetShelter WX 

AR106SH4, AR109SH4, AR112SH4, AR106SH6, AR109SH6, AR112SH6. All serial ranges.

There is a request for a replacement door handle or unique locks. 


The new NetShelter WX cabinets do use the same door handles as NetShelter SX cabinets. They have the same spare part number, and unique locks are possible. 
For unique locks please see FAQ FA158606: https://www.apc.com/us/en/faqs/FA158606/ 

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