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About the Schneider Electric Cybersecurity Support Portal

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Why should you access the Cybersecurity Support Portal?

Customers should access the Cybersecurity Support Portal to find the latest information on cybersecurity vulnerabilities affecting Schneider Electric Offers.

What information can you find on the Cybersecurity Support Portal?

You will find the following information on the Portal:
  • Security notifications related to vulnerabilities in Schneider Electric's Offers.
  • Help us continually improve cybersecurity by reporting an incident or vulnerability involving any of Schneider Electric's Offers
  • Suppliers and Partners of Schneider Electric are asked to submit notification of security and data privacy events affecting or potentially affecting Schneider Electric.
  • Resources are available to help you learn about securing your system environment; whether it is an industrial process, building management and access control system, data center, or electrical infrastructure control system
  • Schneider Electric Certificates are used only for electronic signature with our business partners and clients. Specifically these Certificates are used to validate the authenticity and integrity of the products firmware. We publish a quarterly update to our Certificate Revocation List, plus an immediate update any time a certificate is revoked. For your security, verify firmware origin before attempting a device update.
  • Our public Vulnerability Management Policy is available to understand how we address cybersecurity vulnerabilities and incidents in order to support the security and safety of our installed solutions, protecting our customers and the environment.

How can you access the Cybersecurity Support Portal?

The portal is located here: https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/work/support/cybersecurity/overview.jsp
Alternatively, you can find the portal through site navigation menu: Go to Support >  Under Additional Links click Cybersecurity

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