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NetBotz camera may appear deactivated after upgrade to Botzware 4.6.1


NetBotz camera may appear deactivated after upgrade to Botzware 4.6.1

Product Line:

NetBotz Appliances


NetBotz firmware (Botzware) 4.6.1


Due to a firmware issue, the camera may appear disconnected in Botzware 4.6.0. Upon upgrading to 4.6.1, it may appear that the issue still exists.


Upgrading to 4.6.0 caused pre-existing camera history to be stored in a deactivated internal camera while creating a new internal camera with no history. Upgrading to 4.6.1 will restore the original camera,
including its history. 
  • The deactivated camera may still be in the system and will include history starting from the point at which 4.6.0 was installed; this camera will not cause operational issues and can be deleted. 
  • If, after upgrading to 4.6.1, your pre-existing camera is either deactivated or doesn’t seem to be upgraded, reboot the NetBotz appliance. This will upgrade and reactivate your camera.
You can upgrade directly to 4.6.1 from BotzWare version 4.5.4 without experiencing this issue. Upgrades to 4.6.1 from older versions may be unsuccessful.

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