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How to recover from corrupted firmware or unresponsive APC Digital IP KVM - models KVM1116P, KVM2116P, and KVM2132P


The APC Digital IP KVM firmware upgrade has failed or gone awry and the KVM is not functioning properly.

The APC Digital IP KVM is found to be unresponsive or will not boot properly (such as with a blank screen with or without a mouse pointer).

  • Rack Accessories - KVM Switches
    • KVM1116P
    • KVM2116P
    • KVM2132P

  • All serial numbers
  • All firmware versions


This process should be used to try and recover an unresponsive KVM switch, such as after a failed firmware upgrade or corrupted firmware that causes the KVM not to boot.


On the front panel, hold the pinhole Reset button and simultaneously power on the unit. See below for reference. 

This will revert the KVM back to factory default firmware version and settings. The unit can then be upgraded to the newest firmware available, found on apc.com/support, through the local console or web interface.


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