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Symmetra LX Seismic Anchoring for Tower Models

I need to know how to anchor my Symmetra LX tower model to the floor in case of seismic events.

Product Line:
Symmetra LX

Tower models only; All regions except for Japan.

Cause / Overview:
It may be necessary to anchor the UPS to the floor to secure it in the event that a region is prone to seismic activity.

Symmetra LX tower models come with hardware necessary for seismic anchoring.  Please refer to the following documents:

CAD Source File: SYA-TOWER-SA - SYALX Seismic Anchoring
Technical Drawing: SYA-TOWER-SA - SYALX Seismic Anchoring

If the required hardware has been misplaced, the following parts will need to be ordered. Please note that the bolts and washers are not something regularly stocked in our warehouses. The bolts, split washers, and flat washers can be purchased at a local hardware store.

(4) 870-6273A - L-bracket used to anchor Symmetra LX to floor
(8) 812-0011A - 5/16" 18 thread count x1" long Bolts used to attach L-bracket to pallet support brackets
(8) 812-0012A - 5/16" Flat washers to be used with 812-0011.
(8) 812-0014A - 5/16" Split washers to be used with 812-0011.

NOTE:  If the UPS was originally a rack-mount system and was converted to a tower form factor, the following parts will be needed in addition to the parts listed above.

(2)  870-6272  - Pallet Support Bracket
(18) 810-2003 - 10-32 Nut to attach Pallet Support Brackets to chassis

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