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Why can I not adjust output Voltage on my SMX "LV" or "HV" series Smart-UPS?

User is unable to adjust output voltage on SMX "LV" or "HV" series Smart-UPS.

Product Line:

SMX "LV" or "HV" series Smart-UPS, All Serial Numbers

Smart-UPS SMX units with "LV" or HV" in the suffix (IE: SMX3000RMLV2U or SMX3000RMHV2U" are designed for use in multiple power environments. "LV" units can output 100v, 120v, or 127v. "HV" units can output 208v, 220v, 230v, or 240v.

Output voltage can be configured using either the LCD screen on the UPS itself, or a Network Management Card.

In order to adjust the output voltage, you must first turn off the output power of the UPS. If you attempt to change the output voltage  via the NMC with the load powered, you will see an error message. On the LCD interface the option is not  shown in the menu until output is turned off. You cannot adjust the output voltage with the UPS providing power to an attached load.

Turn output power OFF via the LCD screen or Network Management Card interface.

Once the UPS output is turned off, you can adjust output power via the "Configuration" menu on the LCD screen or Network Management Card web interface. If using the LCD screen, you must first enable Advanced menus.

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