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Where can a Certificate or Declaration of Compliance, Conformance or Conformity be obtained? Is there a Certificate of Compliance available for NetShelter SX or SV?

Documentation needs to be supplied.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX, NetShelter SV

All versions and serial ranges.

The end user is requesting documentation.

There are different kinds of compliance and conformance documents. For CE Declaration of Conformity (CE DoC) please see Knowledge Base document FA214226.

•Self Declaration of Conformity (“Self DoC” or “sDOC”)
This is a document issued by SEIT declaring that a specific product is in compliance with a specific requirement.  It’s the equivalent of the CE DoC except that this is kind of document is associated with products not subject to CE marking.  For example, for products that are not subject to the RoHS directive, compliance with RoHS would be made via a Declaration of Compliance. These documents are available from the individual product pages of the APC website. Knowledge Base document FA226241 describes in detail where to find agency approvals and documents.
•Certificate of Compliance (CoC, C of C, Certificate of Conformance, Certificate of Conformity)
This is a document produced by Logistics which certifies that products that are part of a shipment conform to all applicable requirements. It's typically requested on the purchase order at time of order.
If a Certificate of Compliance is required after the product has shipped please contact the company who last shipped the product. If that company is APC then SEIT must determine the sales order number, determine the distribution center, and contact that DC to provide the document.
aka: Certificate of Conformance, Certificate of Conformity.
I've attached a blank Certificate of Compliance form that can be filled out by the SE DC which shipped the product.

Attached below please find the NetShelter SX and SV Certificate of Compliance documents for RoHS and REACH.

APC New Zealand


Master CofC_ITB.docMaster CofC_ITB.doc [83 KB]
NETSHELTER SX April2015.pdfNETSHELTER SX April2015.pdf [77.63 KB]
NETSHELTER SV Nov2014 Cert of Compliance.pdfNETSHELTER SV Nov2014 Cert of Compliance.pdf [72.39 KB]
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