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Use of SmartUPS RT or SRT units for frequency conversion


Use of SmartUPS Online units for frequency conversion

Product Line:



All international SURT and SRT models, All Serial Numbers


Product Information


Use of Smart-UPS Online products for frequency conversion is not officially supported or tested. Proceed at your own risk.

Frequency conversion (IE:: Input 50 Hz and Output 60 Hz) is available only on the international versions of the Smart UPS Online and not on the domestic units.
International units can be identified by the ""I"" at the end of their part number (IE: SURT5000XLI). Domestic models will end with a ""T"" (IE: SURT5000XLT).
In order for an International Model SmartUPS to be used for frequency conversion, the output must be set to 200v, 220v, or 230v.
Frequency conversion is not available with 208v or 240v output.
Domestic units will only operate online if the Input frequency range matches the Output frequency range configured in the Network Management Card or LCD interface.

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