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AP9620 Legacy Communications Card (LCC) Compatibility

AP9620 Legacy Communications Card (LCC) Purpose, Compatibility and Installation Requirements

Product Line
  • UPS Device Management
    • AP9620 - Legacy Communications Card

  • UPS installations (communicating with MicroLink protocol) with the following model prefixes:
    • SMX (SmartConnect)
    • SMT (SmartConnect) with the exception of SMTL models with Lithium-Ion battery
    • SRT (with LCC firmware v3.0 or higher)
    • SURTD*
      • *Excluding Split Phase RT models, indicated by a P in their model number

For Smart-UPS units with the prefix SURTD*, SMX, SMT, and SRT the ability to communicate with APC's historical UPS-Link or APC proprietary USB usages no longer exist. While APC's recommendation remains using the latest version of APC UPS management solutions, we recognize that some customers may have chosen other options.

The following UPS management solutions require the Legacy Communications SmartSlot Card (AP9620):
  • Custom applications
    • using the historical UPS-Link serial communications
    • using APC proprietary USB usages
  • Windows Operating System embedded UPS support
    • using serial communications
  • APCUPSd (or other open source tools)
    • using serial communications
      • Newer versions of APCUPSd now support understanding Modbus to talk to Modbus enabled Micro-link units. Refer to APC Application Note #176 for details on supported UPS
  • An operating system no longer supported by APC's PowerChute Business Edition
  • Custom applications which require DB9 simple signaling cable using pin 3 and pin 6
  • NOTE: Use of USB communications does not require the AP9620. The UPS alone supports this functionality. See knowledge base article FA156602

The chart below lists UPS by model number prefix unless otherwise specified.
LCC Compatibility Matrix
Supported UPS Families/Models Compatibility Notes

•Compatibility is fully supported
SMTL models with Lithium-Ion battery are not supported
• Compatibility is fully supported
• Requires LCC firmware version 3.0 or higher
Communication will be lost to the embedded NMC

• Requires UPS Firmware 5.1 or later. In order to check your UPS firmware version, access to the UPS serial port is required.
• Includes all variations for voltage configuration and models available in all locales.

•*SURTD split phase models are not supported. They are indicated by a P in their part number, such as SURTD6000RMXLP3U
• SURTD models do not support the AP9620's USB port functionality, only the DB-9 serial output.
• Compatibility is fully supported.

How to find your SURTD UPS firmware version:
The firmware version of the SURTD model can be found by either of the following 2 ways,
1. Connect the UPS to a PC with PowerChute Business Edition over serial or USB cable. Open the installed PowerChute UI and navigate to About (top right corner) page, where the UPS firmware version is listed.
2. Insert a UPS Network Management Card 2 (AP9630, AP9631 or AP9635) in the SmartSlot of your UPS & open its web UI from a browser using the IP assigned to the card. Navigate to About page, where the UPS firmware version is listed.

How to find your Legacy Communication Card firmware version:
The Legacy Communication Card firmware version can be found by following the steps below,
  1. Connect the DB9 Computer Interface connector of the LCC to the serial port of the PC, using a 940-0024 or 940-1524 cable. Alternatively, you can use a USB to DB9 serial adapter to connect the LCC to the serial port of the PC.
  2. Open Tera Term, Putty or a similar terminal emulation program. Connect Tera Term to the serial port of the PC that is connected to the LCC.
  3. In Tera Term, select Setup > Serial port. Configure communications for 2400 baud (bits per second), 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control.
  4. Press <CR> (Carriage Return) in the Tera Term window, the LCC current firmware version is displayed on the screen.

How to find & update your SMT/SMX UPS firmware version:
Use the About menu on the LCD display on the front of the UPS. Refer to the user's manual on how to navigate the LCD if you need assistance.
APC UPS Firmware Update Wizard is to be used to update to the latest firmware version for your UPS. The APC UPS Firmware Update Wizard and other valuable UPS firmware information can be found in knowledge base article FA164737.

  • The LCC does NOT put the LCD in read only mode
  • The LCC turns off the Switched Outlet Group menus so that you cannot control individual outlets
  • You still have full UPS control via the front panel and can still write configuration settings. The settings are limited to the legacy communication protocol values due to the LCC.
  • The LCC does not adjust the standard/advanced mode setting of the LCD, so some menus will not appear in standard mode regardless of LCC presence.

Please refer to the attached document for the expected functionality of the LCC with each unit mentioned above. For the most up to date functionality information, please refer to the AP9620 User's Guide.

UPS and Accessory uncompatable
  • The card is not compatible (and not needed) with any other SmartUPS models EXCEPT for the aforementioned models above. The card's bracket has metal tabs that will prevent insertion into the SmartSlot housing of an incompatible UPS. If you do somehow forcibly install the card, it will give you a solid red status LED that indicates communication has failed and that the LCC is incompatible with the UPS. Also, it will disrupt any communication between any other installed accessories downstream. It will not affect the UPS operation.
  • The Legacy Communications Card does not support any other accessories attached to it such as an Expansion Chassis (AP9600) or a Triple Chassis (AP9604/AP9604BLK/AP9604S)

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