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What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is an IT deployment designed to put applications and data as close as possible to the users or “things” that need them.
Edge computing is necessary to address shortcomings in cloud-based applications and services with respect to performance and regulatory requirements.

Get rewarded for your Edge Solutions

Build your Edge solutions using the Local Edge Configurator (LEC), and register this through the APC Opportunity Registration Program (ORP) to earn exclusive discounts.

For a limited time, partners can get up to a 15% discount on deals valued between $5,000-$40,000 using ORP and the LEC configurator discounts (5%+10%=15%) refer to the guide below on how you can leverage this promotion for your Edge solutions.

Plus get bonus Amplify rewards - earn your IT experts Edge badges with Edge training and certifications available on-demand!

LEC configuration by partner:
  • 5k-10k deal: 10%
  • 40k + deal: 5%
LEC configuration by distributor and SE Internal sales
  • 5k+ deal: 5%

  • 10% LEC discount applies to edge deals valued from AUD$5,000 (min) to AUD$40,000 (max)
  • Promotion only available for Select, Premier and Elite Schneider Electric IT Solution Provider Program members
  • LEC configurations submitted by distributor and SE internal sales team are eligible for total LEC discount of 5%

New LEC Discount comparison

Existing LEC discount
New LEC discount
Deal Value AUD $5,000-$40,000 5% 10%
ORP AUD $5,000 - $40,000 5% 5%
Total Discount 10% 15%

How to use the Local Edge Configurator Tool

Talk to your APC Partner Manager or contact APC Partner support
Partner Support & Questions?

Existing ORP discount

ORP Value
Partner Status
Partner Status
Partner Status
Select Premier Elite
5k – 40k 5% 5% 5%
40k+ 5% 7% 10%

Steps to start your Edge Solutions build

Log in or Register on to your mySchneider Portal
Design a solution using the Local Edge Configurator (LEC)
Register your LEC ORP opportunity (reference LEC ISX number)

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Terms and Conditions
• Local Edge Configurator (LEC) and Opportunity Registration Program (ORP) discounts are only available to Select, Premier and Elite Schneider Electric IT Solution Provider Program members. Only APC approved deal registered opportunities will qualify for the ORP discount. If you are not a Select Partner, log in or register to mySchneider and complete the Edge Computing for Sales Associate training to gain access to the LEC tool and ORP discount program.
• In addition to above, to claim the Amplify rewards component of this promotion you must be an APC Amplify member. If you are not an APC Amplify member, you can register on the APC Amplify site.
• LEC Configuration must be submitted to APC within 7-days of ORP approval.
• As an APC Partner, you are responsible for completing the LEC Configuration.
• The LEC tool provides simplistic parts validation, it is ultimately your responsibility as a partner to ensure that the solution is fit for purpose and meets your customer requirements.
• Access to the Local Edge Configurator Tool (and thus this promotion) is limited to APC Select, Premier and Elite Partners.
• APC Opportunity Registration may be completed via mySchneider, APC Partner Support Team or by your nominated distributor. In the event there is a system issue with mySchneider, a manual override form will be accepted.
• The solution may be ordered via distribution as normal but requires an LEC ISX configuration
• No other discount is applicable with this promotion (no stacking).
• Valid from 14 April 2022 until 31st December 2022